10+ Storage Hacks to Make Your Home Look Organized

| Jan 16 2020

Storage space can be a huge problem for people who have too many things and live in small spaces. Eventually, you start keeping things in empty spaces around your house, making it look untidy, messy, and cluttered. To avoid the messiness and make your home look organized, here are a few storage hacks you can create in your homes.

Storage Space for Bedrooms

Footboard Storage

Footboard storage is usually placed under the bed. Baskets or boxes can be used to keep underneath the bed for storage space.

A DIY hack for footboard storage is to use an old bookshelf and attach handles to make it look like a drawer. You can use it to store items like pillows, blankets, shoes, etc.

Side Tables

You can buy side tables with drawers to store things that are used daily before sleeping and after waking up, such as medicines, cards, etc. These are usually placed near your bedside. Did you know side tables can also serve as seats to accommodate guests when you are short on chairs.


Install shelved headboards on the walls of your room. These shelves can be used to store different things, such as books, frames, CDs, etc. If you have more wall space, utilize it by installing small wall cubicles.

Storage Space for Bathroom/Closet


Install hangers in your cupboards if you’re falling short on cupboard space. This way, you can keep all your clothes intact and in one place.

Having readily available hangers cuts down the desire to not properly put things away. The key to maintaining home organization is having a place for each item to go.


Attach drawers to your closet; sometimes, drawers are built-in. If you don’t have built-in drawers, you can use baskets or old showcases. These drawers could be used to store undergarments or other clothing accessories. Fix cardboard dividers in the drawers. The dividers help you keep items such as garments or jewelry in an organized manner.


Attach shelves underneath or over your cupboard. Utilize shelf space by keeping shoes and bags in an orderly manner. Attach shelves in your bathroom to keep shower gels and skincare products instead of gathering them all around the basin.

Shower Rod

Attach shower rods to the bottom space of your sink. You can hang all your cleaning supplies on the rod, and you could also fix tissue rolls onto the rods.

Makeup Box

Buy a makeup box with different compartments to store all your makeup items in it. This helps you to keep your dresser clean and organized. It also helps you have a visual on your makeup inventory so you won’t accidentally buy the same item twice.


Add hooks behind your bathroom or closet door. Instead of keeping your worn clothes on chairs, you can use these hooks for hanging your clothes, towels, hats, or bags. They keep you for being tempted of leaving things on the ground, keeping the appearance of the room more orderly and easier to clean around as well.

Storage Space for Kitchen

Mason Jars

Buy mason jars to use them to store dry ingredients such as spices, salt, and pepper. Ingredients used for baking can also be stored in these jars. You can also put items like candies, chips, and biscuits in these jars. You can store the jars on shelves, inside cabinets, or just on the counter of your kitchen.

File Holders

Utilize file holders in the kitchen by stacking up canned items in them. This utilizes the vertical space in your kitchen cupboards. It will keep them from looking messy, and it’ll be easier to find cans.

Mentioned above are various ways to store things that can clutter your house. These storage spaces can be used for multiple purposes too. For example, mason jars can also be used to store makeup and stationary. Use your creative skills to make more storage space. This will help you live in an organized environment.

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